Proverbial Wisdom #3

Excerpt from Yoruba Proverbs by Oyekan Owomoyela

The pig wallows in mud but thinks it is being a dandy (people who lack good judgment are never aware of their own misbehavior)

When we first arrive at the doorsteps of our spiritual houses, we were not as aware as we are today. It takes time, guidance from our elders, dedication, and sacrificing in order to open our minds so that we can become more aware of outside dynamics, oppose to our day to day issues. Even though we all still have a very long way to go it is safe to say we are not the same people we were yesterday.

So how can we continue to make the same mistakes that we made last year without truly feeling foolish? Let's take an honest look at ourselves today and evaluate if we are taking all of the wisdom and knowledge that we are obtaining from elders, family, our  own ori and apply it for the betterment of our lives. Or are we simply speaking hollow words, and being hypocrites.

Let's not continue to run in a circle of redundancy but apply these lessons, gain a steady pace, and run in that direct line towards our true path (In other words if you know better, you do better)

- Osatimi