Proverbial Wisdom #4

Excerpt from Yoruba Proverbs by Oyekan Owomoyela

There is no cause for staggering about except for the person pushing himself or herself. (Some people make more trouble themselves than others can ever make for them)

Let's be clear we all have issues. No one was made or can ever can be perfect, but the crazy thing is that we tend to parade around as if we have it all figured out at times.

That mentality is detrimental to our growth and in so many other ways as well. We tend to put ourselves in situations that we may not be prepared to handle and then become confused when it blows back in our faces. Feeling foolish we "use others as our scapegoat when we have failed" and in return we give up our power and ability to learn the lesson at hand. Let's take ourselves out of the victim mentality and understand that no one did anything to use that we didn't allow. We are not victims. We have the power to evaluate the situation strategically and figure out if it's necessary to put up a wall of protection around us because it may not be conducive to our well-being and growth.

We are not victims we are strong women and men that have the power to see things before they appear 10 steps away. We are not victims of a situation from those who are allowed to infiltrate our space. We allowed it to happen. Let's be aware of our surroundings, evaluate our situations, and understand cause and effect. We hold the power to control the situations in our lives. Before we blame the next person for our mishaps, let us look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we Play a role in it.

- Osatimi